Platform for all travel lovers Citysonder

Would you like to get the most out of your trip, discover new places and sample local culture? Try Citysonder - the app that connects you with locals who provide amazing experiences.


The task at hand was to create a native mobile application that would serve as a platform for all travel lovers. The aim was to design a minimalistic and easy-to-use app & web, that would connect people who provide travel experiences with people who want to explore new places through the eyes of a local. The whole idea is based on the so-called "sharing economy" concept (Uber, Airbnb, ...).


After months of hard work we developed a mobile app for iOS and Android, together with a matching website. This gave birth to a platform that connects people with a passion for travel and unique, thrilling experiences. A part of the platform is also a complete payment system that allows to directly purchase any of the offered events.

Key features

Throughout the development process our programmers implemented Websockets, functional payment systems (generation of SEPA, XML), internal reviews, filtering of experiences and many other cool features. As a user, one signs in with their Facebook account and is then able to browse all offers from other users.

Real-time chat

A live chat is available directly from within the Citysonder app, without the use of any external services.

Advanced system management

Management of data, its tagging, internal review approval and resource availability management are all possible.

Payment gateway

The integration of a Braintree gateway enables payment via Visa/MasterCard debit or credit cards.

SEPA payment orders

Generation of XML files to be used with banking applications for effective execution of manual bank payment orders.

Cloud infrastructure

We've built on our own experience with cloud infrastructure and configuration of AWS (Amazon Web Services). The main advantages are high availability and scalability.

Central European Startup Awards - Hungary


Central European Startups Awards Citysonder

Citysonder was recognized as the Best Early Stage startup on Central European Startup Awards - Hungary 2016

Project Citysonder was also promoted in:

Touch4IT & Citysonder teams in Slovakia

Citysonder consisted of two more teams in Prague (CZ) and Budapest (HU).

We appreciate our clients

Citysonder is a complex startup project on which we spent many hours - besides development we were also working on defining various processes. This experience taught us a lot of new things.

Services provided


We work thoroughly on each project by utilizing various technologies and knowledge. For this project we used: