drupal 9


Apr 27.

Drupal 9 is coming!

It won’t be a revolution like Drupal 8, but evolution of it. It should be released on June 3rd, 2020, so save the date. Drupal 8.9, the last major update of Drupal 8 line will be also released in June.

raspberry pi


Mar 30.

Capture incoming people or vehicles with the Raspberry Pi and LIDAR

A motion sensor and a camera attached to the Raspberry Pi connected to the Internet and you can have a database of people coming into a building, licence plates of cars entering a garage, etc.

microservices architecture


Mar 18.

Microservices architecture — what is it and why we use it (part 1)

You’ve probably heard something about that term, right? What’s the difference compared to monolithic architecture?

work in a team


Mar 16.

How to work in a team in times of the Corona Virus

Home office has its problems and specifics – people suddenly find themselves “out” of their teams and without previous experience with digital communication tools they might not know what to do.

docker raspberry pi 4


Mar 3.

Docker on Raspberry Pi 4 — will it work?

Have you already tried using Raspberry Pi for your project? You should! With its performance, the 4th generation of this small computer can handle 4K video.

friends in touch4it

Company’s life

Oct 18.

First Friends, Then Colleagues

Those who have experienced the atmosphere in our company or have been around the people in our team already know. We’re not just colleagues sitting around one table.

web analytics


Oct 9.

Web Analytics: A Crucial Part of Your Marketing

Web analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior of your website’s visitors. Why is it so important?

customer experience


Aug 22.

What is customer experience and why you should focus on it when designing digital products?

It’s not that long ago since the widely used phrase user experience (UX) was such a buzzword in the online world. Nowadays, this term is often just a slice of a bigger cake – customer experience.

contextual marketing


Jul 29.

Contextual Marketing: How to Create the Right Strategy?

Visitors come to your website with various needs and requirements. How can you customize and tailor your content to a specific visitor?

vltava run v 2019

Company’s life

Jun 6.

How was the Vltava Run 2019?

As a 12-members team we participated in the Vltava Run 2019 - 360km long relay race along Vltava river starting at Šumava. How was it?

artificial intelligence


May 16.

Why is artificial intelligence becoming more and more important?

The concept of “artificial intelligence” is a highly discussed and “hot” topic right now in the field of technology. We're pretty sure you’ve already stumbled upon it. But do you actually know what artificial intelligence is, how it works and where it is heading?



May 14.

End-to-End testing with Puppeteer and Jest

Jest and Puppeteer are very popular Javascript frameworks used for End-to-End testing. What is it and what are the other known types of testing?

checkbot chatbot


Apr 9.

Is it a conspiracy? Ask the chatbot

In the world of information it’s hard to distinguish between what is true and what is not. A bunch of sources provide different point of view on the situation and it can be really confusing.

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