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andrej golovkov - hot coffee

Andrej Golovkov | COO & Lead Game designer at PowerPlay Studio

The guys at Touch4IT are always really supportive during project development. They are reliable and hardworking. Their work ethic is a great benefit and they are not limited to thinking only as a developer and are able to perceive things also as the customer for whom the project is being realized.

go2gym logo

Dominik Győri | @Go2Gym

After a long-term collaboration I consider T4IT to be a reliable partner who delivers quality. I'm extremely satisfied with the job they did.


Ivan Hiadlovský | Volejbalový trenér @SPPM

Achieving one's goal is to find the right way to it. A big objective means a difficult journey and this journey is represented by the team of professionals at Touch4IT.

Marek Sramek BeOnCourt

Marek Šrámek | @BeOnCourt

Our vision was to have a well-designed and modern website with a flawless booking system. All our demands have been fulfilled by the team of professionals at Touch4IT and we are very pleased with the result.


Jozef Lezo | CEO @IFT InForm Technologies, a.s.

When others said it's impossible, the guys at Touch4IT stepped up and created a custom web solution which is able to control our lighting through a PLC.


Martin Kocák | CEO @Asyric

You are professionals and I enjoyed our collaboration and thus I hope that it wasn't our last project together.


Ing. Magdaléna Mellenová | Managing Director @ Rekreační středisko Potravinár; Statutory Representative @OZ Potravinářů SR

We highly recommend Touch4IT as a reliable partner. Their services in programming, graphic design and marketing are professional and of first-class quality.

translogia logo

Jozef Štefčík | Translogia s.r.o.

Touch4IT is a reliable partner that provides outstanding programming and graphic services. We plan to continue further cooperation with Touch4IT and to develop new innovative features and functionalities for an upcoming mobile application.

via jasna logo

Zuzana Talllová | @Via Jasná

Throughout all of the project development we communicated together on a regular basis a discussed every detail with the aim of creating a high quality website. We consider the mutual cooperation as great and are very pleased with the result.


Martin skákala | Zakladatel @ Wakesapp.com

The guys do really good work! They have no problem to work late hours if they know that this helps the project. It was our first collaboration and definitely not the last one!


MONARCH, a.s. | Communication agency with more than 20 years of experience

Together we developed a great mobile application, running on Android devices, for Orange Slovakia. This mobile app uses modern technologies such as iBeacons.