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andrej golovkov - hot coffee

Andrej Golovkov | COO & Lead Game designer at PowerPlay Studio

The guys at Touch4IT are always really supportive during project development. They are reliable and hard working. Their work ethic is a great benefit and they are not limited to thinking only as a developer and can perceive things as the customer for whom the project is being realized.

go2gym logo

Dominik Győri | @Go2Gym

After a long-term collaboration I still consider T4IT as reliable partner, who delivers quality. I'm extremely satisfied with the job they did on our website.


Ivan Hiadlovský | Volejbalový tréner @SPPM

To achieve our goal is needed to find a right way how to obtain it successfully. High objective means a difficult journey and this journey represents a team of professionals from Touch4IT.

Marek Sramek BeOnCourt

Marek Šrámek | @BeOnCourt

Our vision was to have a well-designed and modern website with smoothly running booking system. All our demads have been fulfilled by Touch4IT team of professionals and we are very pleassed with the result.


Jozef Lezo | CEO @IFT InForm Technologies, a.s.

Guys from Touch4IT have developed a great web solution tailored for us which controls a lighting through PLC. They found the solution which seemed to be impossible.


Martin Kocák | CEO @Asyric

You are professionals and I am glad that I could work with you. I hope that it wasn't our last project.


Ing. Magdaléna Mellenová | Managing Director @Rekreačné stredisko Potravinár, statutory representative @OZ Potravinárov SR

We can recommend Touch4IT as a reliable partner. Their services in programming, graphic design and marketing are of first-class quality and professional.

translogia logo

Jozef Štefčík | Translogia s.r.o.

Touch4IT  is a reliable partner who provides outstanding programming and graphic services. We plan to continue cooperating with Touch4IT further and develop innovative features and functionalities for a new mobile application.

via jasna logo

Zuzana Talllová | @Via Jasná

During the whole development we have communicated on a regular basis a discussed every detail with the aim to create a beautiful website. We consider the mutual cooperation as great and are very pleased with the result.


Martin Skakala | Zakladateľ @Wakesapp.com

Guys do a really great job! They don't have a problem to work late hours if they know that it helps the project. It was our first collaboration and I hope that not the last.


MONARCH, a.s. | Communication agency with more than 20 years of experience

We have developed together a mobile application for Orange for Android devices. This mobile app uses modern technologies - like iBeacons.


Igor Stano | CEO @IT-CROWD

They created a great team and perfect atmosphere. It is a pleasure to work with them - they have "a strong drive".