top android aplikacie

Top Android Apps of 2017

The year 2017 was a breakthrough in the whole technology sphere. What are the best Android apps for 2017?

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christmas party

We enjoyed our Christmas party 2017 very much!

Even though Christmas is gone, we still think back on our Christmas party in new offices. How did this party look like?

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marketingových trendov

8 Marketing Trends For 2018

The key is to keep an eye on actually running or coming trends and adapt your plans to them. For what you should prepare in 2018?

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top ios aplikácie

The Best iPhone Apps of 2017

At the beginning of December, the company Apple introduced the 9 best iPhone & iPad apps of 2017.

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vianočné kampane

4 unique Christmas campaigns that will put you in a holiday mood

Some of them are annoying, some of them will attract you.... that are Christmas campaigns.

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What is SEO and why is it important?

It is important to understand the term "SEO" if you want to have a successful website with a lot of visitors turning into customers.

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top android aplikácie

Top Android apps, games, movies, TV shows & books in 2017

Google has officially announced the list of best and most popular apps, games,... in 2017.

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Black Friday

The Truth about Black Friday... how did it get its name?

How did the Black Friday get its name and what is the approach of the top world brands?

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Xbox One X

New Xbox One X & 4K resolution: it will be a hit

This youngest member of the Xbox One family was launched on November 7th worldwide and is on the way to achieve a big success.

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We are searching for sales managers & business developers

Are you tech savvy, a strong communicator, have quality contacts and love networking?

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A new study confirms that there are only 4 types of Facebook users

Some researchers have found out that FB users can be categorized into 4 main groups. Which one do you belong to?

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Halloween párty Touch4IT

Our 1920s style gangster Halloween party was amazing

Our motto was: "keep drinking while supporting Prohibition". The party started at 7 o'clock and continued into the late night.

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Android Pay

Android Pay: a new home for your payment cards

Android Pay is the perfect solution to make it easier to pay in stores, in app or online.

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Internet vecí

The Internet of Things will radically change the world of social media

The Internet of Things, called IoT, is an industrial or even economic revolution, according to many experts.

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3 reasons why CEO should be on social media

Social networks are a very powerful communication channel. It is not good only for the companies themselves, but also for CEOs.

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