May 14.

End-to-End testing with Puppeteer and Jest

Jest and Puppeteer are very popular Javascript frameworks used for End-to-End testing. What is it and what are the other known types of testing?

checkbot chatbot


Apr 9.

Is it a conspiracy? Ask the chatbot

In the world of information it’s hard to distinguish between what is true and what is not. A bunch of sources provide different point of view on the situation and it can be really confusing.

application for students


Feb 27.

School assignments in a mobile application for students

Why should students fill out their answers and conclusions still on the paper while there are smartphones everywhere?

customer journey


Feb 18.

How to understand your customer’s journey?

It is always important to remember that each customer is different and thus has different needs. How to understand their customer journey?

edge computing


Jan 22.

Edge computing and 5G: what is it’s purpose?

Edge computing is the solution to the lack of computing power as close as possible to the place of need, instead of a remote cloud. What is it's purpose?

marketing technologies


Jan 14.

4 Marketing Technologies Every Company Must Know

Research shows that only 22% of B2B companies implement and use marketing technologies in their business. What technologies are the most important?

christmas party

Company’s life

Jan 7.

What happened at our office Christmas party?

The last month of the year has arrived and with it our Christmas party, too. What gifts did we receive and how was the celebration?

New Year's Eve

Company’s life

Dec 26.

How do we celebrate the New Year?

It's not New Year's in Slovakia without a bottle of Champagne and Slovak Cabbage Soup (or "Kapustnica" as it is called). How do you spend New Year's Eve?

do at christmas

Company’s life

Dec 25.

Touch4IT reveals: What do we traditionally do at Christmas?

Christmas is coming! After a while, we will be sitting in front of Christmas tree, listening Christmas carols, eating cakes and opening presents. Are you looking forward to that? 

christmas presents

Company’s life

Dec 3.

Inspiration from Touch4IT: Christmas presents for family

Christmas is coming, so we've done a small survey at Touch4IT to find out what kind of gifts we usually buy to our beloved ones.

drupal 8


Nov 13.

Custom content type with custom fields for your Drupal 8 module

Despite the fact that creation of custom content type is documented in official Drupal documentation, it lacks many explanations of what that lines really do.



Oct 29.

How do we create websites?

Website is the first impression based on which users create their opinion about your company. How do we approach the creation of the website?

interne meetingy touch4it

Company’s life

Oct 25.

What internal meetings do we regularly hold?

We don’t just sit at a computer desk all day or run around meeting clients without even seeing one another. Every week, we hold internal meetings that move the company and individuals forward.

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