What internal meetings do we regularly hold?

Oct 25. 2018
interne meetingy touch4it

We don’t just sit at a computer desk all day or run around meeting clients without even seeing one another. Every week, we hold internal meetings that move the company and individuals forward.    

These are our regular meetings:

“Monday” Meeting

The meeting labeled “Monday” takes place regularly on Thursday evening (originally it was on Monday but the name remained :)), when everyone – but really, everyone – meets in the big open office and we discuss everything possible. Project managers briefly talk about interesting or completed projects, where we also look at the final outputs. Operations and organizational issues related to living in common areas are discussed. We design and arrange team-building events, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays. We also celebrate joint successes and give the opportunity for someone to come forward and say what’s on their mind out loud.

“Knowledge Share” Meeting

On Thursday morning, all computer engineers gather in front of the TV or the projector screen and share technical knowledge with each other. The way it works is that one of the developers always has a presentation on a predefined topic and after presenting it, there is free discussion and exchange of valuable personal experiences. For example, at the last meeting, accessibility for mobile and web applications was discussed, more specifically to adapt the application for disabled people  to help and suit them as much as possible. Also many times one of the programmers presents something new that they tried to integrate or apply to one of the identified problems.     

Senior Staff Meeting

Some wake up at half past eight on Monday morning, others wait in line for coffee or in a car on busy roads, but what about our bosses? They finished breakfast a while ago and are starting the week off with a joint meeting where they deal with all the necessary and important issues, through planning and management to finance.

Management Meetings

The almost always hectic Monday is followed by Tuesday and Wednesday, when meetings for project managers take place in the afternoon. On Tuesday, individual projects are discussed – their progress, integration of people into individual tasks and projects, communication with the client, budget, etc. An organizational meeting that deals with the organization of people and operational tasks in the company takes place on Wednesday.

Leadership Team Meeting

Friday mornings are for the most daring people – our team leaders. Each week they have to deal with the planning and management of work within their team (Android, iOS, back-end...) in order to ensure that all tasks are effectively divided and time management is properly adhered to. While others are just getting out of bed, they are already discussing and planning with a cup of coffee in hand.

Meeting of Designers

A designer meeting is also organized on a weekly basis. They regularly discuss current trends in UX/UI design, exchange their experiences and knowledge and address the further direction of our company's design. They also address the problems they have encountered and jointly seek the most appropriate solutions.    

Meeting of Server Staff

Every week, our back-end developers, a.k.a. server staff, sit at the same table, focused on planning the maintenance and improvement of our physical server infrastructure and services. This meeting is always held behind closed doors and only the participants know what their planned strategy is (:)).     

Marketing Meeting

Thursday is a truly creative day, with not only the “Monday” Meeting and “Knowledge Share” Meeting, but also a marketing meeting. Marketing managers present our strategy and individual actions on social networks and beyond. It is a meeting where we shape the company's outward appearance and communication and decide what we want to say to the world and what footprint we want to leave.


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