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Who we are?

Our company Touch4IT has been operating on the IT market since 2005 when it started providing its services to public. We used the period of time when there was high demand of mobile and web applications and in the following years we became frequently searched and rapidly advancing company. Presently we are focusing predominantly on development of mobile applications for operating systems Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. We design and create responsive websites, we supply complete digital marketing and our clients are provided free consultations aiming at all their requests and ensuring their product’s success.

Development of mobile applications


Mobile phones are inescapably all around us, for example the average person checks their phone 6 times an hour. Why not take advantage of this to boost your business. Offer your customers the opportunity to use your service through a mobile app, share data, build a relationship with your customers 24/7, deepen their trust and loyalty, acquire new customers and strengthen your marketing with contests etc. The use of mobile apps is becoming indispensable.

Web Solutions


Our company Touch4IT believes that clients are the top priority. We approach each customer's needs individually and try to meet all their requirements. After an initial analysis of customer’s needs, we develop a tailor-made draft to ensure our clients are totally satisfied. The customer has the opportunity to be involved in the app's development, which aids the communication between the two parties. From the first meeting to the last, the client is supported by our project manager, who regularly informs him on all the updates.

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is now a very popular and much sought after tool which promotes products and services through one or more forms of online media. The most commonly used tools include copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, ad campaigns, content marketing, communication on social networks, tools to analyze site and customers (Google Analytics) and link building. Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of various channels and methods that allow you to implement and manage marketing campaigns, and give you the opportunity to find out what interests your potential customers and how to approach them. Our marketing specialists have many years of experience, with their knowledge and skills regularly extended and updated in the light of ever-changing trends. During the first meeting with a client, they always listen to their needs and requirements and propose an appropriate marketing strategy. The aim of the strategy can be to build a corporate identity, increase website traffic , promote and advertise on the internet or reach new customers through social networks.