Startup Support

Every project starts with an idea but you also need the backing of a strong team of people who truly believe in success and believe in chasing a common goal.

startup support

How do we begin?

First you need to do your homework through market research to see if you're unique, potentially top ranking application has perhaps not been realized already. Even if the concept already exists, do not despair. Look at it from a different perspective and find features that can be improved upon to introduce users to a fresh product or service that offers new usage possibilities.

How does one put a price tag on a startup project?

If you have a serious business idea that has a chance of success - it is best to arrange a meeting and thoroughly discuss everything. We are a development company that believes in fair play and thus we aim to propose conditions that benefit both parties. The price for a complete project has to be established based on a detailed analysis which results in an "Application Project Plan". This specification includes the following:

  • detailed functionality
  • defining an MVP, first version and final version
  • drawing Mockups (UX/UI)
  • use cases
  • draft of architecture
  • database model
  • defining a project plan
  • identifying acceptance tests
startup support

Collaboration with us pays off...

After the initial market analysis it's time to define an MVP(Minimum Viable Product). This involves setting up the basic functionality criteria that the first version of your application has to fulfill. Next up, a target audience is chosen along with a group of so called "early adopters", who will be among the first ones to test your app and contribute new ideas for improvement.

Once we are in the phase where the first version of the app has successfully proven itself on the market, it is time to search for investors. Thanks to being one of the most successful IT companies in the country, many of the strongest Slovak investors recommend us for projects in which they themselves invest. To them, our reputation and a multitude of references related to high quality work are a certainty.

After getting real investors on board, the development work focuses on improving and fine tuning the product which is then introduced to new markets. Our experience encompasses marketing and we propose solutions specifically for your app while taking into account the nuances of your target markets.