Have you decided to take your business to the next level and make a breakthrough on the world wide web? We offer well designed, custom fitted business systems, e-shops and promotional web sites. The choice is yours!


Frontend is the part of web applications that end users see and interact with. A well setup user interface (UI) and well thought out user experience (UX) are the primary focus during its development. The main aim of the frontend is to create a visually clean, fast and simple web application with intuitive controls. During frontend development we mostly utilize technologies such as React, Angular and Bootstrap.


AngularJS is a JavaScript library (framework) used by our programmers to manage and ensure proper operation of their manually inserted strings of code, encapsulated within the AngularJS code. This framework makes sure that a growing application is kept within reasonable boundaries and makes the whole coding process simpler.


The React JavaScript library, developed by Facebook, is intended for the user interface (UI) creation of web applications. It is the first library built on the concept of "functional programming" which leads to a more rational code and easier debugging (error removal). Another of its advantages is that the Facebook developers designed it in a way that allows for simple integration with already existing projects.

Promotional Websites

Promotional web sites are intended to present individuals, companies, specific products, services or special events. The emphasis, when creating promotional web sites, is mostly on a graphic design that lives up to current trends, and their ease of use.


The past few years have witnessed a boom in e-commerce which leads many individuals and businesses alike, to launch their own e-shops. Thanks to our many years of experience we can design them precisely in accordance to the client's expectations. Most of the time we create e-shops built on OpenCart, PrestaShop, Drupal E-Commerce and Wordpress WooCommerce.

Advanced Business Systems

Are you not satisfied with standard solutions? Try our custom business systems! They are tailor made, highly functional, reliable, technologically advanced solutions designed specifically for particular sectors such as banking, insurance, IT and others. Among the most implemented are technical support systems (helpdesk), CRMs meant for customer relationship management, attendance trackers, production process management systems, hardware controllers and many others.