Without a results analysis, and its accompanying statistics, it would be impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This is definitely something that our marketing specialists are fully aware of and dedicate special attention to. Google Analytics and statistics from various social networks, with running campaigns, are being monitored by them regularly.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most used online marketing tools capable of analyzing the behavior of website visitors in detail and identifying all the basic information about them. It shows their country of origin, their age, how they got to your site, what browsers and devices they use, what keywords they use when searching and much more. In our company we have several Google Analytics experts who gather and process all available information.

Facebook statistics

As Facebook is one of the most used social networks, not only in Slovakia but worldwide, many of our clients approach us with a request to manage their Facebook pages. In addition to content creation and design of paid FB campaigns, we put substantial effort into the monitoring and evaluation of all available indicators. Our goal is to determine the effectiveness of individual campaigns and, if necessary, propose solutions for their optimization.