Social media

Even today many companies still forget about the great impact that social media can have on acquiring new customers, building a community of satisfied consumers, empowering brand identity, increasing the number of web visitors and simplicity of targeting campaigns towards specific audiences. Currently, the top social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Facebook is a notoriously popular social network, used worldwide, with more than 1,8 billion active users. Its main purpose is to connect people and maintain and build new relationships which is of importance not only to individuals but also businesses. Having company presence on Facebook is a great way to find out more about your customers, communicate with them and receive valuable feedback to improve your business.


Instagram is a unique social network that enables sharing of photographs, images, videos and as of recent, sending private messages. Its main advantage is the ability to publish engaging visual content which is editable thanks to various creative filters and templates. Instagram can be used not only for product and service promotion but it is also a great way of telling your company's story to current and potential clients.


LinkedIn is one of the oldest professional and business related social networks and currently boasts over 460 million users. It is the largest professional network in the world that opens doors to new business opportunities and is a great way of networking with business partners and one's target audience.


Twitter is a popular social network through which its registered users can share short and engaging posts with a maximum count of 140 characters. It has more than 320 million active monthly users, with an especially strong presence in North America. From a business perspective, Twitter is best suited for increasing web page traffic and mobile application sales, customer analysis and particularly useful in creating a strong community base.