Usually, a potential customer researches and views multiple web sites before coming to a decision and performing an action such as engaging your business with a request to purchase your product or service. The process can take anywhere from a few days to weeks or months. This is exactly when remarketing comes into play.

What is Remarketing?

Through remarketing visitors (customers) are specifically targeted and engaged via advertising based on their recent interaction with a given brand. In layman's terms this means reaching out to a customer, who visited your website and viewed a product but did not carry out the desired action, with a promotion related to that or a similar product. The main aim here is to remind potential customers of your products or services.

Types of remarketing

Remarketing can also be seen as a complex service that has several forms. Most often standard remarketing is set up, meaning that ads are now shown to previous visitors and users on webpages and in mobile apps. It is also common to use dynamic remarketing (reminders related to a specific product), video marketing or remarketing applied directly to search engines (text ads).