Security plays an important role these days and this holds true in both mobile and web application development. Ensuring security is a critical step as it helps to uncover weak spots in the application and influences its overall success.

The purpose of pentesting

Pentesting is a simulated penetration into the application with the aim to uncover its vulnerabilities and security shortcomings that attackers (hackers) could misuse. This type of testing can be carried out by using our specialized commercial and open source tools.

Phases of pentesting

The complete testing process consists of three basic stages. First of which is to collect, identify and analyze all the necessary information, including web server, utilized modules and program platform information. The second phase is an enumeration and mapping of vulnerabilities by using intrusive techniques (especially constructed HTTP queries). The third and final step is the verification of highly critical vulnerabilities with the aim to avoid fake ambushes.

Where are pentests most applicable?

This test is useful for small and simpler web applications and for regular testing with the aim to determine new weak spots and missing security features.