Multiplatform apps

The essence of a multiplatform application is that up to 97% of its code can be used on various operating systems. The creation and development is done via tools based on programming languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript - versions HTML5 and CSS3, being the most commonly used.

Multiplatform applications as a promo for investors

In case a client explicitly requests this type of mobile application, we try to explain that a multiplatform application is mostly suitable as a demo for investors and not as a full value application for real users. If a client wants to create a successful application with a potential to succeed not only on the Slovak market but also abroad, we recommend a native application. Such applications are tailor-made for the specific platform (Android, iOS), which boosts their performance and allows to effectively use the native functions of the given platform.


The overall development time of multiplatform apps is generally much shorter thanks to the utilization of HTML5, CSS3 and JS web technologies. Usually, they are cheaper than their native counterparts and also more universal, which means that some of their functions are simplified and adjusted for use on multiple operating systems.