Graphic design

It is not only the features and functionality that make a good webpage but also its graphic design and our designers are truly masters of their craft. We analyze all the possibilities, design and test wireframes and, specify, all elements down to the tiniest of details.

In a design manual the corporate identity is individually defined, specific to each and every company. It is a document that contains all identity usage rules and standards such as the font size and format, spacing, look and minimum logo size, acceptable background colors, slogan composition and other graphic patterns and themes. This is particularly important to graphic designers and typographers, who utilize it when conceptualizing and printing trademark papers, business cards and other promotional materials.

UI stands for User Interface and it represents the various looks of your mobile application and how its individual elements are designed and interconnected. In order to create an appropriate user interface, our graphical designers respect the design language of the different mobile platforms that customers are familiar with.

A well designed UI offers intuitive controls without unnecessary clutter. Common user interface items are used across all devices functioning on the same mobile platform. Strategically chosen colors and textures are emphasized in the UI design to capture the user's attention and help with easy navigation.