Windows Mobile

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Windows Phone platform

The mobile version of Windows is the third most popular platform in the world and became an equal competitor on the market. It was developed by Microsoft and the current version 10 replaces the older Windows Phone and Windows Mobile operating systems. It offers a user interface that follows the Metro UI design language which is based on a home screen composed of Live Tiles.

Main Benefits

The Windows platform enables universal application development and widens the target market scope to include tablet and computer users.

Mobile Devices

Windows 10 Mobile is the preferred operating system on Nokia and Microsoft devices. This is due to the acquisition of Nokia's mobile division by Microsoft at the beginning of 2011. Windows 10 Mobile is also used on smartphones from manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Alcatel.


The Windows 10 Mobile user interface is based on the Metro UI design language which is an evolution of the Windows Phone 8 interface. The home screen is composed of Live Tiles that represent shortcuts to different apps, functions and particular items of the smartphone such as Contacts, Web pages, Games and Applications. Users can add tiles, change their position and remove them as needed. Since they are updated in real time, they serve an informative purpose as well. Mobile app development must be adjusted to the overall design of the platform, which emphasizes a strong use of typography and a clean look. The systems graphic core utilizes simple animations, sharp contrast and bold shapes.


From a technical standpoint, Windows 10 Mobile is fully competitive with the iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, Microsoft has introduced the innovative Continuum technology that allows select mobile phones to be converted to fully capable computer workstations by attaching a keyboard, mouse and external monitor.


The Windows platform uses SDL (Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle), which is a set of obligatory security services that are grouped according to the software development life cycle stages. Experience has shown that security assurance activities carried out in a chronological order ensure higher security levels.


When it comes to mobile app development, Windows 10 Mobile enables the use and implementation of native code that can be used on mobile, tablet and computer platforms. Through the use of the same technology, it is also possible to create apps for the Xbox, Surface Hub TVs, IoT devices and even HoloLens holographic devices.