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Android platform

Android is the most commonly used operating system for smartphones and tablets on the market. This number increases everyday by millions of users globally, with more than 2 million apps available to them. Multiple surveys have shown that every second tablet sold and 80% of smartphones use the Android system.

Main Benefits

Thanks to a large number of mobile apps and active users, the Android operating system dominates the platform market. It is an Open Source, freely distributed platform, that works on many devices and developing mobile apps for it does not require a large initial investment.

Mobile Devices

Android is a software platform developed for mobile phones, tablets and other devices such as navigations. It is made up of a few important parts, the first of which is the operating system itself based on the core of Linux, then the software environments customized for different manufacturers and, finally, the user interface and applications. Nowadays, the Android platform is the heart of smart watches - so called Android Wear from companies such as Google, Sony and Samsung. It is also used for non standard devices such as smart televisions (Android TV) and smart cars (Android Auto).


Material Design is a type of user interface design created by Google and is based on the depth of materials within its space and allows it to become "tangible". Each element casts a shadow, can be deformed, moved, regrouped and overlapped with other elements. However, no two elements can ever be in the same space. User interface depth is used throughout the process. It is also the first time that the new "Tab" element has been introduced which groups common information into one component. All of the transitions, animations, color schemes, aforementioned depth, icon sets and shadows cast by components have been defined by Google.


The Android platform uses a Linux based core and its applications are written in the Java programming language, which is currently one of the most used and evolving languages. Through tools such as Android Studio, it is possible to quickly create high-quality, useful and easily controlled applications.


Our Android applications are governed by the most up-to-date security standards, just as their graphics are designed in line with current trends. In contrast to the iOS platform, these apps do not undergo a complicated approval process, thus their development and availability on the Google Play store is quicker.


All our mobile applications for Android are tailor made according to current standards, thus perform better by using the native functions of the operating system. A native application is created with a strong focus on preserving the natural environment that Android users are familiar with.