Imagine owning an e-shop and wanting to provide your clients with a first class personal assistant that would answer all their questions and guide them through the process of ordering the right product or service. This is precisely the purpose of chatbots, which we are able to program exactly to your requirements.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are computer programs with the ability to lead a conversation via both text and audio. They are designed in a way that simulates a real conversation between two users. They can be applied to many areas, however at present they are mostly used by e-shops to communicate with their customers.

What does a Chatbot do

Chatbots are able to provide individual assistance to each customer, they recommend products or services, improve customer care, offer personalized deals based on customer loyalty, process orders and optimize the whole process in general. Moreover, they collect a huge amount of user data (preferences, past orders...), based on which they are able to adjust their communication and proposed offers to the customer.

The relevance of Chatbots

Many clients ask the question: "How do I know that people will use my chatbot?“. Although the trend of using social networks for communication is very strong these days, surveys show that most users prefer to communicate via messengers/communication applications (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber…). This trend implies that giving the users the opportunity to communicate with chatbots might increase the probability of the desired action – a purchase.