Brand and identity

In today's rapidly growing, competitive world, customers have an almost unlimited array of options to choose from, thus it is essential for any company to stand out and be unique.

It is through the visual representation of a brand, and its personality encompassed in corporate identity, that a company can distinguish itself from its competition and become unique. Corporate identity is a much broader area than just brand identity and during its creation it is necessary to consider who and what the company is, what it does and what this means to the target audience. One should also take into account the overall vision, goals and future direction.

The company philosophy is a set of values and principles that act as a foundation on which the business has been built. It describes the values that are of importance and defines the goals to be achieved. The slogan represents a simple and catchy phrase, which together with the company's philosophy and logo make up its corporate identity, and are the base of a successful enterprise.

The logo is a visible symbol that represents the company and can be either visual, typographical or abstract. It is the most basic identifier used on business cards, trademark paper and other promotional materials. A logo should be simple, easy to remember, up to certain modern standards and aligned with your business.