Did you know that on average people check their phones 6 times per hour? Use this opportunity to improve your business! By providing your clients with the option to use your services via mobile app, you build long lasting relationships and deepen customer loyalty. Always be one step ahead of the game!

Apple platform

Apple devices with iOS operating systems are perceived by their customer base as premium, world class products. Currently the App Store is home to more than a million paid and free mobile apps and thus the iOS platform is considered to be, globally, the most profitable.

Main Benefits

Among the foremost benefits of the iOS platform is the ease of development, since more than 85% of its users are running the most up to date version of this operating system, thus reducing compatibility issues. Apps designed for the iOS platform are highly profitable with great future potential thanks to the high level of user security measures.

Mobile Devices

Apple utilizes their iOS operating system on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch platforms. The iPhone is not only a brand name smartphone - to its users it is a symbol of design perfection, ease of use and it evokes a strong, positive image. Many people cannot imagine their everyday lives without using this device. Thanks to its accessible apps it can be used to play music and videos, perform searches, navigate, take notes, communicate, blog, calculate, project, draw and paint and even remotely connect and control computers. At Touch4IT we help you create various types of iOS apps ranging from presentational, navigational, commercial and even funny or community based ones, including captivating games.


When it comes to the design of our mobile apps we like to stick to the old proverb - less is more. During the app creation process we apply a clean, minimalistic and functional design that Apple users have come to expect. Through simple planning the functional elements of the particular platform are applied to the wireframe base of either mobile application or web. This schematic drawing does not contain any graphics, only images. The wireframe evolves and is being adjusted throughout the whole development process of your mobile app and we abide by the rule of not forcing the user to think.


Thanks to CoreData that allows data to be stored locally, applications are able to function even without a data connection. Similarly to OS X, for iOS we program within Xcode. Xcode supports a wide range of languages such as C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, AppleScript and Python, and runs only on Apple computers.


Each mobile application on the iOS platform is subject to strict control directly within the App Store, on which it is released to end users only once approved. All applications are controlled directly by Apple, with a strong emphasis on the application code and unauthorized content and forbidden libraries within it.


All our mobile applications for iOS are tailor made according to current standards and thus perform better by using the native functions of the operating system. A native application is created with a strong focus on preserving the natural environment that Apple users are familiar with.