Interactive game SpyCamp with iBeacon technology

SpyCamp is an interactive game, in the form of an app, where you progress in-game by moving through an actual physical location - all thanks to the utilization of iBeacon technology.

This interactive game was designed to promote team spirit as users choose a team and resolve a series of missions. The goal is to find the treasure before any of the other contestants do. Thanks to the iBeacon technology, the app receives a signal from the nearest beacon as the player moves. The player then receives a quest notification, containing the task to be fulfilled, directly on their mobile device.

We appreciate our clients

The SpyCamp app was developed for Orange Slovakia as a way to entertain and engage their employees, and to promote Huawei devices. Working on a mobile app game was definitely an interesting and rewarding process.


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Together we developed a great mobile application, running on Android devices, for Orange Slovakia. This mobile app uses modern technologies such as iBeacons.

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