The Sogabu app for gaming tournaments

With Sogabu you can effectively manage your social and gaming accounts, simplify playing on multiple portals and make communication among players easy.


Our task was to create an interactive tool that allows players to interconnect multiple gaming accounts and piece together a fully custom system according to their needs. One of the challenges was to resolve communication within teams, and during organized events, and to ensure flawless functionality.


We have developed an effective tool for gaming enthusiasts who love a bit of competition and progression. Sogabu is an innovative web and mobile application where players can create their gaming profiles, choose their teams mates, participate in various tournaments and keep track of their results and ratings.

Key features

In the Sogabu tool it is possible to choose from 4 main types of tournaments (swiss, round robin, clash of clans & custom) and to organize various team and private events. Users sign in via social networks (Facebook, Google+) and create one or multiple profiles. The players can take advantage of an interactive chat, automatically generated newsfeed and statistics which are being sourced via an interconnection with the COC API.


The system is adaptable and can accommodate up to 98% of tournament creation cases. It allows to create teams and organize them via custom events which can not only be invite based or for closed groups but also be open publically to other players. Through current event status monitoring we open new possibilities such as adding players, roster creation and others. Each event has its own host and his/her deputies and the administrative duties can be shifted among them.


Players organized in teams can compete for accomplishments represented by badges. By purchasing a Beta Supporter badge one can support the next phases of development. Payment is performed directly within the Sogabu web app through a secure channel and users not only receive a badge but also the ability to create an unlimited number of events.


The platform currently offers more than 10 games, chosen from the world's best known and most popular games of these days. In case of a high user demand, more game profiles will be added to the system. These games have predefined tournament types, profile screens and settings, which further simplifies the creation of events.


A basic feature needed for event organization is communication which is taken care of via chat. Communication between individuals, within teams and in general, is enhanced by the option of creating questionnaires and polls. This way groups can organize themselves efficiently and agree on the strategy for tournaments and particular games.

Branding and logo

For this client we designed all graphic materials from the ground up. First we created a branding manual where all colors, fonts, elements and their spacing were determined, together with a logo which was born out of multiple iterations.

We appreciate our clients

Working on the Sogabu project was a welcome change and a breath of fresh air as it allowed our developers to immerse themselves in the world of games. We rate the cooperation with the client very positively and we value his perfectionist approach, thanks to which we pushed hard to create a quality app with a lot of potential.

Services provided


We work thoroughly on each project by utilizing various technologies and knowledge. For this project we used: