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Secured communication tool PS: Post Scriptum

PS: Post Scriptum is a secured communication tool that encrypts all messages, and calls to fulfil the highest cyber security standards expected by the most demanding users of today's fast paced digital landscape.


Our task was to create an app that would allow real time communication, between its users, both via calls and messaging. The app had to live up to the highest security standards to shield the transferred data from any type of unauthorized access. The used encryption had to be both reliable and efficient enough to be used on mobile devices.


The developed solution provides a secure channel for user communication. The used combination of encryption types prevents any type of unauthorized access to data - even by devices with a lot of computational power. Modern technologies such as Socket.io and Webrtc were used during development to ensure fast and faultless communication.  

Key features

The chat module within the app is able to send and receive text messages and files in any format. All important events are presented to the user via push notifications. In addition to the standard version, the premium version includes a safe storage and encrypted password wallet functionality.

We appreciate our clients

This project was quite a challenge as there was absolutely no room for errors and we had to ensure 100% security of the product to be fully functional and able to protect all data.


Martin Kocák | CEO @Asyric

You are professionals and I enjoyed our collaboration and thus I hope that it wasn't our last project together.

Services provided


We work thoroughly on each project by utilizing various technologies and knowledge. For this project we used: