ponitrianske múzeum

Audio Guide for the Ponitrianske museum

The mobile app created for the Ponitrianske múzeum serves as an audio guide of the museum and provides information in multiple language localizations.

For the regional Ponitrianske múzeum we developed an original mobile app for devices using an Android operating system. It livens up the museum expositions by providing information in the form of an audio guide.

The app homepage launches a visual representation of the museum and the particular exposition audio guides are easily accessible by swiping across the chosen label so that visitors can remained fully focused on enjoying the exhibit. This adds a new level of comfort throughout the viewing as it removes the need for reading any text. Visitors can stop the playback at anytime and skip back and forth between each recording. In addition to the app we have also designed promotional materials in the form of roll-ups that are placed at various locations in the museum.  

We appreciate our clients

During the development of this app we learned a lot about the museum and we perceive the project as truly educational. Cooperation with the client was without any complications and we enjoyed the whole process.

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Jozef Štefčík | Translogia s.r.o.

Touch4IT is a reliable partner that provides outstanding programming and graphic services. We plan to continue further cooperation with Touch4IT and to develop new innovative features and functionalities for an upcoming mobile application.

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