Memoticom by Touch4it

Memoti.com, a mobile App for creating photo books

With this app you can have all your favorite memories in one place. Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself? Transform the photos from your smartphone into unique photographic memorabilia through Memoti.com.


Our task was to create a multifunctional application which allows the creation of photo books (or other photographic products) in selected formats and to make the order process easier.


The project resulted in a quality application and a complex server system behind it. The app guides users through the process of creating a photographic product step by step. This involves selecting multiple images, adding text, applying filters and a final layout. After the mentioned steps, the app's server system sends the product into print, without the further need for any user interaction.

Key features

Users can pick from many formats, when creating their photo product, such as paperback and hardcover photo books, calendars, booklets, canvas print and posters. Additionally, images can be added from multiple sources such as the device gallery, camera, Google Photos and others.

Complex back-end system

The server system takes care of everything related to the order status and user notifications, card payments, processing for production, integration with shipping partners, logistics and thus speeds up the delivery of products to clients.

Original types of Photo gifts

Pick the most beautiful memories and create a unique booklet, photo book, calendar, canvas or poster. The lucky person to receive the gift will be thrilled!

Your photos

Photos can be sourced from the device, iCloud, Google Photos or taken directly via camera.

Bulk insert

In Memoti.com it is possible to select multiple photos at once and and the app inserts them into a predefined scheme automatically. It could not be simpler or easier.

Create and manage Offline

Photo products, orders and shopping cart contents can all be managed offline. An Internet connection is only required when sending the final order.

Photo Editor in the app

There are many editing options and various templates, fonts, colors, filters and cropping tools for the users to utilize. The app also detects the resolution of images and gives a warning in case the quality is insufficient.

Card payment

Debit and credit cards can be used for payment - directly via smartphone.

Home delivery

Products are printed using a high quality professional printer and delivered directly to your doorstep.

We also come up with our own unique projects

This project started as a collaboration with our partner:

Tomas Tkac - the founder of Copy.sk

Throughout every phase of this project we cooperated with the team at Copy.sk and as such the system is also fitted to their needs.  



Services provided


We work thoroughly on each project by utilizing various technologies and knowledge. For this project we used: