ift supervisor

IFT Supervisor for controlling the coordinators of PLC

IFT Supervisor is a complex system that controls the coordinators of programmable logic controllers (PLC) which are used for controling lighting of various objects (buildings, street lamps and others). Additionally it also collects and evaluates data and performs many other functions.

IFT Supervisor is a control system that we developed for IFT InForm Technologies, a.s. This custom system is able to control the coordinators of programmable logic controllers (PLC), which in turn translates to control over the lighting of various objects, buildings etc. Collection of all required data, statistic evaluation of energy consumption and assessment of the condition of all devices in real time are all displayed in neat charts. The entire lighting setup is also displayed on an interactive map which allows filtering of individual groups and determining their location and status.

It was necessary to implement a new, fully custom, process of remote communication with the programmable logic controller (PLC) as this is equipped with only limited options. Our system provides a REST interface through which the devices communicate and it also serves a data collection purpose. This information is in turn organized and visualized in graphs. Included are the power consumption, overall condition and many other detailed parameters which allow prompt discovery of device anomalies.

IFT Supervisor is internal control system designed exclusively for IFT InForm Technologies, a.s. and as such it is not available to the public.

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