ift coordinator

IFT Coordinator for managing the PLC controller

IFT Coordinator is a web interface used for managing the programmable logic controller (PLC) of IFT Supervisor.

For the company IFT - InForm Technologies, a.s. we not only developed the IFT Supervisor control system but also the IFT Coordinator web interface specialized for administrating their programmable logic controller (PLC).

As the PLC was equipped with only limited communication options, deemed as the only choice by the manufacturer, we had to design and implement a custom communication channel. We conceptualized and adjusted the PLC communicational scripts in a way that would allow to create a full administrative interface for PLC in question. The system includes 3 user role types which determine the available and permitted functionality.

We appreciate our clients

We enjoyed our long-term cooperation with IFT InForm Technologies, a.s. and we are pleased to have been able to take part in this collaboration.

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