hot coffee game

Mobile game Hot Coffee with a passionate story

Hot Coffee is a story-based game aimed at young people. Enter the virtual city and let the passionate story unfold. How it will end is completely in your hands. Challenge your friends and beat their high score.

Our main task was to create an immersive and fun to play mobile game aimed primarily at young adults. The challenge was to design the game in a way that would keep players engaged and wanting to unlock new story lines.

We have developed the game in partnership with a professional game design studio and spent a long time fine tuning and adjusting the levels and story. Real users were invited for testing and we used their feedback and ideas for analysis and implemented them to improve the overall gameplay.

Key features

Hot Coffee offers both a single and multiplayer story experience. Each storyline consists of many photographs that are revealed to players after successfully completing a mini-game. At the end of each game, players are rewarded with a score depending on how well they handled the particular part. You as a player are able to influence in which direction the story will be headed.


Players can unlock premium content and different paths using a virtual currency. This can be obtained as a reward from games or purchased in the app store. Users can also refill their energy levels using this in-game currency.


Throughout the game players are confronted with minigames, of increasing difficulty, as the given story unfolds. On the other hand, their difficulty can also decrease if a sufficient number of points is not achieved. The mini games are thematically connected to the phase of the story in which the player finds himself.

The first minigame will put your speedy reflexes to the test. You will be picking lingerie of a clothesline and having to identify and collect it quickly.

The second minigame is a challenge for your sight and memory. Keep an eye on the shelves, and try to memorize everything you see, as in a short time everything disappears and then reappears but with the addition of one extra item that you have to identify.

Are you good at math? Well, it's either that or using a calculator for this one. The aim is to pick the numbers that add up to the sum in the bracket.

Players can communicate with each other in chat rooms found all over the city map. Each room has a specific theme and players can engage in passionate discussions.

In the mobile game Hot Coffee players can create their own stories, limited only by their imagination, and make them available to others as well. There is also an option to track the scores of all users on a leaderboard.

In October 2015 we have established the company Touch Point, s.r.o. with partners - Andrej Golovkov, Erik Fürstenzeller and with the firms KBA consulting, s.r.o. and Infinity Capital Group, a.s.. We are really excited about this collaboration.

TouchPoint - Touch4it


Even when we are our own client. The project is developed as a partnership between several entities including us at Touch4IT and the people at PowerPlay game studios.

andrej golovkov - hot coffee

Andrej Golovkov | COO & Lead Game designer at PowerPlay Studio

The guys at Touch4IT are always really supportive during project development. They are reliable and hardworking. Their work ethic is a great benefit and they are not limited to thinking only as a developer and are able to perceive things also as the customer for whom the project is being realized.

Services provided

We work thoroughly on each project by utilizing various technologies and knowledge. For this project we used: