Tailor-made fitness social network Go2Gym

Go2Gym is a website that will quench your thirst for knowledge related to exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It is also the perfect place to find some of the best trainers around and make some new friends.

Imagine a gym where you can train anytime you want at affordable prices, find the best trainers and coaches and make some new friends along the way. Go2Gym is just that place and covers everything and anything fitness and healthy lifestyle related.

We appreciate our clients

Working on the Go2Gym project was not easy - we developed a complex website with a lot of functions that had to work at 100%. We regularly communicated with the client and adjusted all the details needed to create a successful project.

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Dominik Győri | @Go2Gym

After a long-term collaboration I consider T4IT to be a reliable partner who delivers quality. I'm extremely satisfied with the job they did.

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We work thoroughly on each project by utilizing various technologies and knowledge. For this project we used: