Software SPPM for sports team management

SPPM is an application designed for professional trainers who wish to manage their teams effectively and deliver the best results. It is a powerful player management, planning and performance evaluation tool.


The first part of the task was to prepare a thorough analysis that could subsequently be used when securing an investment. Afterwards we fully immersed ourselves in creating a complex solution, consisting of multiple modules, for professional trainers.


The SPPM project is a collaboration of Touch4IT, Mr. Hiadlovský and Mr. Hrubý. Mr. Hiadlovský is a professional volleyball trainer with many years of experience, great insight into sports, and above all, with a vision of how technology can be utilized to help trainers and sports clubs achieve better results.

Mr. Hrubý is a co-founder of ESET - a Slovak software company with their headquarter in Bratislava and offices all over the world. The company is among the leaders in the IT security sector.

The first meeting took place already in 2014. The idea presented by Mr. Hiadlovský was really appealing and thus we made an exception by preparing an extensive analysis, on which we spent many man hours, at our own costs. In the summer 2016 we were introduced to Mr. Hrubý and proceeded to present our business plan to him. On our first meeting, Mr. Hrubý declared: "Essentially, I do not see any reason why I shouldn't participate in this project with you and invest."

After performing an audit of both the idea and the Touch4IT team in general, the new company Touch4SPORTS was founded in August 2016. We are currently finishing the MVP version of the app.

Management of user rights, their access to data and their option to use the system based on available licenses. 

Data synchronisation prevents any losses in case of accidental damage to the used device.

The combination of training theory and practice are blended in the form of training units that can be planned and joined into training cycles.

The app allows to precisely plan the load intensity of each training unit, and program, on a daily basis.

Through the SPPM app, trainers can draw and map out attack and overall game strategies on a digital field.

Included is also a feature similar to a Gantt chart where trainers can create all actions within particular training cycles. Macro, meso and microcycles, together with various events, training units, matches and tests can all be defined.

We have created a brand that embodies and fulfills all aspects of sport, movement dynamics and overall rhythm. The italics used within the logo symbolize motion and the individual elements resemble a Gantt chart and individual training plan cycles.

In August 2016 we have established the company Touch4SPORTS s.r.o. in collaboration with Ing. Rudolf Hrubý, Ing. Ivan Hiadlovský and Ing. Juraj Kostický.

Mr. Ivan Hiadlovský is a professional volleyball trainer with years of experience, great insights into sports, and above all, with a vision of how technology should help trainers and sports clubs to achieve better results. He is the ideamaker behind the whole project. 

Mr. Rudolf Hrubý is a co-founder of ESET - a leading Slovak software company with their headquarter in Bratislava and offices all over the world. He is the main investor of the project.

Mr. Juraj Kostický is our valued business partner.

The SPPM project has huge potential and is on the right track to become a successful application. The collaboration with the client is on a really high level and we are also very excited about having Mr. Hrubý (co-founder of ESET) on-board as an investor of the project.




Ivan Hiadlovský | Volejbalový trenér @SPPM

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