Jan 16. 2017

Windows 10 on ARM processors – a revolution in mobile devices?

Windows 10

A full-featured Windows 10 for smartphones and tablets?

We have already had one version of Windows for ARM processors that are found in smartphones and tablets. It was called Windows RT and after all unsuccessful. Incompatibility with applications for common x86 computers and missing updates were its real problem. Now we're expecting the arrival of Windows 10.


Windows 10


Could this second attempt be better?

Microsoft latest information about developing brand new version of Windows for ARM processors talks about full-fledged Windows 10. Win32 applications should be able to work through the x86-to-ARM emulator. It means that you will be able to use the same applications on your computer and tablet or smartphone.

This is not just some hypothesis.

Microsoft confirmed this important news in video which demonstrates the new system. The brand new version of Windows will run on devices with QualcommSnapdragon 820 processor. ccording to available information, it will most likely appear on devices with newer Snapdragon 835. The arrival of Windows 10 for ARM processors is expected on the next year.

Mentioned video can be viewed below: