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Jan 20. 2017

We are turning to Office 365. Why?

Office 365

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 made by Microsoft is a package of useful and always up to date tools for your work and productivity. Office 365 is available in different versions – for individuals, households, business and educational organizations. We decided to try package called Office 365 Business Essentials, which offers professional online services such as e-mail and calendars, to store and share files over OneDrive, conference calls, chat workspace, manage business tasks and much more.


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What convinced us?

During choosing the appropriate tools to fulfil all our requirements we were deciding between Office 365 and bundles of Google products. Why is Office 365 the winner? Here are the reasons why it has become our favourite:


  • The possibility of communication through individual and group chat (Slack also has this feature, but with much higher price)
  • Management of meeting room appointments (due to the high number of meetings each day, we needed a feature that could help us effectively manage them)
  • Own corporate calendar (up to now, we have used our private Google Calendar)
  • Store all data on OneDrive (information security)
  • Corporate accounts in the communication tool Skype (greater professionalism in dealing with customers and partners)
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Our first week with Office 365 is over. How do we rate it?

The first week was mainly focused on learning and adjusting its functions. We see this as big place for Office 365 improvement and repairs. Regular monthly updates are its big advantage, which can correct small problems relatively fast.

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