Top Android Apps of 2017

Technology Jan 04. 2018
top android aplikacie

The year 2017 was a breakthrough in the whole technology sphere. Not only Apple came up with innovations, there was also a lot of news on the Android devices. What are the best Android apps for 2017?

1. GlassWire 

GlassWire is a security app from around March of the last year. It monitors data usage for individual apps over both WiFi and mobile data. It is not the most unique idea, but users will love this app because of its easy design, using and clear statistics. 

2. Socratic 

Socratic is one of the best education apps from 2017. When you have a problem with your homework, just snap a photo of it and that's all. The app's AI figures out the concepts you need to learn in order to solve the problem. The service boats over 100 million questions solved already.  

3. Coinbase 

Coinbase became very popular app and it is the most recommended way to buy and securely store virtual currencies - bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. More than 11 M customers and 38k merchants trust and use Coinbase. 

4. The Walk 

The Walk is a combination of fun and walking. As you cover more ground through the day (walking), the app will reveal more of its story to you. What is the story? Find it out! :)

5. Path Guide 

Microsoft has developed an excellen app Path Guide to help people with visual impairments get around indoor spaces. When you are in a building that's been previously mapped out by a human user, it will help you navigate the space by telling you how many steps and in which directions you will need to turn. 

6. What the Forecast?! 

What the Forecast?! is a rather charming weather app. It provides you the weather features such as the current forecast or the real feel temperature and its main feature is also giving you clever & humorous quips about the weather. 

7. Mimicker Alarm 

Mimicker Alarm - called a Microsoft Garage Project - is a free morning alarm clock app that will definitely wake you up. To dismiss your alarm in the morning, you must mimic the action giver (for example: snap a selfie, speak a phrase and so on).  

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