Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) coming soon to the Windows Store

Technology Sep 20. 2017

PWAs have been launched in 2015, but they are still being discussed and Microsoft is even coming up with great news ... it plans to make them fully available to the Windows Store.

What are progressive web apps (PWAs)? 

You can imagine this app as a webpage that is managed and acts as a mobile app. The ever-evolving technologies and new features of Internet browsers allow users to install these PWA applications, place them on the home screen, and even work with them in offline mode.

PWAs use the much larger web ecosystems and plugins compared to native mobile applications, so they can be built in less time, that an API does not need to be maintained with backwards-compatibility (all users will run the same version of your website’s code).

These are the main benefits of PWAs

So these benefits include: 

  • Lower development cost 

  • Content in PWAs can easily be found by search engines 

  • Good linkability / interconnection  

  • Large data savings

  • Constantly updated  

Microsoft gives the green light to progressive web apps 

At the recent Edge Web Summit 2017, Microsoft announced that PWA will come to Edge next year. But what is even more interesting is that Microsoft will start actively crawling the web for quality PWAs and add them to the Windows Store. Company representatives are of the opinion that PWA - thanks to their ability to deliver a native app-like experience - could have great potential in the future and change the whole mobile world.

Microsoft Teams will be one of the first

Microsoft Teams is a software offering group chat and is a part of Office 365. Thanks to this workspace you can create different chat channels, share key documents and tools, explore data, get updates from the using apps and so on. Microsoft wants to launch this app (currently has just a desktop version) as one of the first PWAs and add it to the Windows Store. When exactly this happens, it is not quite certain... probably next year.  

Michaela Rostecka Marketing manager
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