4 steps to an amazing LinkedIn profile

Marketing Aug 30. 2017
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Have you just signed up on the LinkedIn social network or are you trying to increase your visibility after being present on it for a while now? To stand out from over 500 million users is not an easy task.

In the following article we have summed up everything you should know when creating and managing your LinkedIn profile.

1. Choose a suitable profile photo

If you think that on LinkedIn people view your experience and skills first, you are sadly mistaken. Just as in the real world, first impressions count and this is best done through your profile photo. It is of utmost importance that you choose one which is truly representative - one that is not blurry, or of low quality and definitely not a selfie

From the heat map below it becomes clear that other users focus primarily on your profile photo and only afterwards on the other elements of the page.


LinkedIn Heatmap profile


2. Come up with an original headline

How would you best describe yourself in just a few words? Which words and phrases would best capture what you do and fulfills you? LinkedIn now allows you to write your own headline and in case you do not, it simply auto-fills it on your behalf by entering you current job title. However, the latter is not sufficient and we recommend that you contemplate yourself from a big picture perspective and shortly summarize what best describes you. An optimal headline should consist of maximum 10 words.

Below is an example from a person with a primary profession but also a passion in writing and presenting:

LinkedIn Headline


The second example is someone that takes care of multiple roles and with a lot of experience. The headline, in this case, slightly exceeds the optimal length, nevertheless the profile is still engaging:


LinkedIn Headline


3. Do not forget about the summary

The summary provides a great opportunity to elaborate on what defines you in more depth. Describe the journey to your experiences, skills and attributes that you have gained along the way. Reveal a bit more about yourself - your character and things that make you tick. Simply imagine that the summary field, that you are trying to fill out, is a person to whom you are supposed to provide a complex introduction.

Useful tips to keep in mind when writing your summary:

  • Length: 3-5 paragraphs (maximum 2 000 characters)
  • Stay true to your feelings.
  • Stay clear of empty and overused phrases.
  • Lengthy unstructured text is not engaging to anyone.
  • Add a link to your own articles/videos/...
  • Use emojis when relevant (do not overdo it though!)

Here is a nice example of a short and concise LinkedIn profile summary:


LinkedIn profile summary


4. Elaborate your experience

Oftentimes people simply create a list of their current and previous positions, without paying much attention to it. Dedicate more time to your experiences and add more detail. It is sufficient to use indents, however make sure to really present what you have been doing and what you are experienced in.

LinkedIn Experience


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