Should you create a Facebook Business page?

Marketing Feb 15. 2018
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Many clients ask whether they should create a FB page for their business or if it is still "modern". This is our answer... 

Yes, but... 

At the beginning, Facebook had a lot of benefits for business - knew how to reach the right target audience and bring new customers. Today, this social network is changing and its importance is losing (in terms of sales promotion, too). Due to the strong competition and changing algorithm, it is challenging to get to and contact customers

Either way, presence on Facebook seems to be quite obvious now. Many people - including your potential customers - have learned to go on this social network and verify the company or product. Why is that so? Because according to the FB page you can tell whether it is a trustful retailer or not.   

create a facebook business page


Yes for creating the FB Business page, but why is there so BUT? Many managers think that they just create a page and their work is done. That is not true. Is it necessary to focus on your FB page --> create high quality posts (presenting new products or services, communicating their features,...), build relationships with fans, reply on fan's comments and so on.

Why is it hard to be successful on Facebook?

As we have written above, at the beginning it was enough to create a quality content and your posts were popular among fans. After some time, it was necessary to pay something for Facebook ads so your posts wouldn't be lost in Newsfeed and you would attract new fans. Today it is quite different and not so positive for managers. There is a need to set a larger campaign for a bigger amount of money and it doesn't even have to meet your expectations. 

create a facebook business page

Be online & build your community

Everything needs time and patience. Do not expect that after creating the FB page, you will have already 1,000 fans who will happily like and comment everything on your page. 

Michaela Rostecka Marketing manager
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