The Truth about Black Friday... how did it get its name?

Nov 24. 2017
Black friday

Do you notice that the biggest retail event of the year - Black Friday - is coming? Probably yes. It is actually an informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United Sates of America which has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. How did the Black Friday get its name and what is the approach of the top world brands?  

The world "black" in front of a day of the week has almost never meant anything good. Black Thursday was the sell-off the day before the stock market crash of 1929. Black Monday was as well the day of an even bigger crash in 1987. Black Wednesday was used to refer to the day the British government was forced to withdraw a battered pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) in 1992. 

So how is it that the term Black Friday has come almost universally to denote joyous commercial excess? It wasn't always this way. 

Once upon a time... 

The term was first used in 1869 as the day the gold market collapsed. But, it is more associated with the 1960s in Philadelphia. The police, bus and taxi drivers in Philadelphia used the term to describe the chaos and the traffic problems caused due to the start of the Christmas shopping season - two days after Thanksgiving. Needless to say, that usage didn’t sit well with local retailers. They tried to give the day a more positive name: Big Friday, but it didn't stick. Since then the sales event has grown and is now associated with the start of the Christmas shopping season. 

Top 4 Black Friday Brand Social Media Posts

1. NASA 

NASA always puts out some hilarious content on Twitter to join the conversation around a retail holiday.

Black Friday NASA


2. Amazon 

Amazon – the world's third-largest retailer – can't miss this sales event.

Black Friday Amazon


3. Victoria's Secret 

World luxury brand for women Victoria's Secret also join this event - with a little humour.

Black Friday Victoria secret



British online fashion and beauty store is also IN.

Black Friday Asos



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