BeOnCourt: A system that helps you book tennis courts

Sep 17. 2017

In May 2017, we officially launched a booking system called BeOnCourt, which will surely bring joy to many tennis players. How has the client started to work with us and what has made us the most hindrances in developing the system?

And that's how it all started...

In one sunny and peaceful day Michal - one of our managers - met at a tennis court with his potential client (and friend) Marek Šramek. They played together one piece of tennis and then came to business. Marek remembered having a web application to book courtships in selected tennis centers, but he is not satisfied with the operation he was in charge of with another company. And then Michal decided to invite him to our company for a non-binding meeting, which was concluded by an agreement that an audit of the website would be performed. The result of our audit was the proposal to create a new system that would meet all criteria in terms of technology, functionality, design and the ability to modify some elements as required by the client.

The development lasted for about 4 and a half months and was officially launched on the market on May 11, 2017.

What obstacles did we have to face?

Such a major obstacle was the need to refine some modules implemented by a third party so that we can use them to develop a new system. It was technically more demanding and it took more time, but eventually we managed to manage it successfully. Sometimes we had to stop working for other, time-consuming projects, and discuss in more detail the functionality requirements of the client.



What have we learned in developing the system?

We learned to search and find new ways when we were stuck and could not solve things that should work, but did not work because of unexplainable causes. It has happened to us that we sometimes talked about concrete solutions and after some time we found that their perception and understanding were different from both sides. We have learned how to find innovative solutions and better communicate with each other.


Michaela Rostecka Marketing manager
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