Jan 16. 2017

8 Marketing tools that are worth a try in 2017


Area: Social Networking

1. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is an excellent tool for all marketers, who focus on managing social networks. You can easily manage the planning of all posts through it, saving messages and creating interesting statistics and reports.


marketing tools agora pulse

Image: Dr Shidaa | Wikimedia Commons

2. Social Image Resizer Tool

Each social networking site now has its own rules in relation to the measurements and size of images. Social Image Resizer Tool is an effective tool to help you with cropping and editingyour photos / images to the characteristics of the social network.


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Area: E-mail Marketing

3. Bananatag

Are you dedicated to e-mail marketing and want to see the results of their work? Start usingBananatag, which offers tracking e-mails, sending notifications when your e-mail is opened by the subscriber, planning and analysis.


marketing tools bananatag
marketing tools banana2marketing tools bananatag3

Image: Bananatag

4. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

A/B testing is an essential part of marketing, which should not be forgotten. VWO tool helps you test multiple versions of your site, and determines, which one has the best setting, or the highest potential to be successful.


marketing tools vwo

Image: VWO

Area: Customers


Did you know, that you can learn more about your customers through their online conversions? To monitor these conversions you need tool, that shows you on which "online" places your customers spend the most time.


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6. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg tool offers so called “heat map”, that shows you how visitors cross through your website - how far they scroll, where they click, or when they leave. These are important data, which will show you in what interactions your customers are with each section of your website.


marketing tools crazy egg

Image: Bill Scott | Flickr

Area: Entertainment

7. PitChoose

Our mobile application PitChoose is a wonderful assistant, who will help you decide between the two variations. Cannot decide what clothes to borrow? What car to buy? Where to go on a vacation? Get advice from others.




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